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Thursday, September 20, 2018

New Earthling - Finn's Birth Story

Please welcome Finnley Jemin Roho to this world. You can call him Finn. He arrived exactly on his due date, August 18 at 5.21am and this is his birth story.

So momma could not really wait to get me out of her tummy but knowing that it's her first pregnancy, babies usually come out past due. But that didn't stop her from hoping that I'd arrive on August 18 because August 18 sounded awesome. She started to walk more and ate a lot of dates in the last weeks. 
She lost her mucus plug a week before but there was no whatsoever activity going on. But on August 17 at 3am, momma woke up to find herself bleeding and half an hour later after informing her doctor, momma and papa arrived at the hospital. It was quite uneventful, she had a couple of contractions but turned out I fooled them. Heh. False labour. They left the hospital at noon that day.
Momma was pretty tired as she stayed up whole night and didn't really eat much. Throughout the day she felt very mild contractions so she couldn't really sleep, I started to kick things up at night. Around 10pm, her contractions started to go stronger with the pain radiated all the way to her pelvic bone but they were irregular. She was staying in bed trying to get some sleep when she felt two hot gushes at 11.30pm, oh her water broke! Yep, I'm coming soon momma.
Momma and papa reached the hospital right before midnight. They were pretty thankful I got things going around that time because oh boy, there's only one route to the hospital (which is Federal Highway) and it's notorious for its jam. The moment, papa arrived at the lobby, I decided to tell momma I'm almost ready to come out. She lost her head, the pain made her twisted her back like never before. The ER nurses were a little shook thinking that she might give birth right there and then. Instead of wheeling momma into the labour room in a wheelchair like in the morning, she was wheeled in a bed. Yeah, I did that to her.
Few minutes being the labour room and a couple more violent contractions, momma surrendered and whispered the magic word 'Epidural' to the nurse. 15 minutes waiting for the Anesthesiologist to arrive seemed like an eternity for momma. Few minutes later, the epidural kicked in so momma felt like a human being again.
Papa was pretty tired and thinking it will take another 7-8 hours for me to arrive (momma's cervix was only 2cm by then), momma sent papa home around 4am. And guess what, I decided to play a joke. Momma's dilated at least 8cm then unexpectedly and the nurse told momma to get papa back to the hospital - I was gonna arrive in less than an hour. 
Papa said he had just changed his clothes and getting ready for bed when the nurse called him. Poor papa, oh well.
Momma's doctor arrived half an hour later and they started to prep momma up for labour. Unfortunately momma had hard time pushing because she could not feel anything waist below and also too tired from lack of sleep and food. She almost blacked out pushing so the doctor had to assist her getting me out via vacuum. Heck, my head was a little swollen when I was out. So yeah, they got me out at 5.21am. They put me into momma's chest and papa cut my cord. Turned out papa recorded some part of the labour while momma was just oblivious.
After a couple of hours stitching momma up and all, we were wheeled to her recovery room. Momma sang Lion Sleeps Tonight to me for the first time.
Momma could not move for the rest of the day due to epidural and had to be assisted but it was all good because she didn't experience the massive chills some people had. She just had jelly legs, especially her right leg. 
I had my aunt and uncle visiting me that day and later, papa brought grandma over to see me. I was just pretty much sleeping the whole day and of course, being fed.
Unfortunately, on the day we were suppose to leave the hospital, I was diagnosed with jaundice so we had to stay another night. I was put under the UV light and it was pretty uncool, I was just so sleepy momma struggled to breastfeed me.
After a whole day of phototherapy, I was given an ok to go home the next day, momma and papa had to expose me to indirect sunlight everyday to make it go away as I was susceptible to prolonged jaundice due to assisted birth (but by second week, jaundice was gone. Momma and papa did very well).
We got home around 4pm on August 21st. Odyssey, our golden retriever, wasn't interested in me at first because she got distracted by food. After momma moved the food, she started to notice me. She wasn't sure of me, me moving around startled her. After a while, she started to like me and attempted to give me kisses. But I scare her when I started to cry, she'd leave the room.
So yeah... 
Almost 1 month old.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Probing Into the First Half

2018 had a lot of things going on. 
It started with a bang, we got married on the new year's day. It was an unconventional (Asian) affair where we did at the comfort of our home. I didn't hire any planner and it was quite an experience that I'm unsure I would like to do it again LOL.

What came next (or rather the announcement) was that we are expecting. That's one of the reasons I didn't enjoy my wedding planning, I was tired most of the time. Other than that, it's quite an easy pregnancy. Due to our age, we also did a NIPT to ensure there isn't any genetic mutation/defects. At the same time, we found out the gender of Kiddie (that's what he's called now, we haven't decided on the name yet but it will be an English name as first name and a Korean name as middle name).

My first trimester was comparably easy - limited to just tiredness, bloatness and gassy. There wasn't any huge nausea. I went through planning for my wedding and thereafter I kept myself busy by attending the first German language course at Goethe Institut.
Second trimester saw me travelling a lot. Spent almost 3 weeks in Germany and Austria - an appropriate time to practise and test my German language proficiency. There was a LOT of FOOD. and WALKING. A lot which I'm hoping to ease labour. We went at a great time - time for asparagus, tulip and cherry blossom!

A week after that, we jetted off to Australia for a babymoon in Gold Coast and an intense and exhausting week of Tony Robbins' Date With Destiny in Cairns. 
I'm quite happy I survived that week - I'd never expected to attend a second Tony Robbins' seminar after UPW in Sydney few years ago. Flying in to Australia gave me a little jolt for I experienced swollen ankles and feet for the first time and that gave me a slight worry if I would be swelling again on the flight home (which I didn't, fortunately).
On another note, we finally finalised our marriage paperworks and squeezed in the registration on the day we flew to Australia. 

Visiting Australia has always been great. It's my third time and visiting new Aussie cities (first two trips was Sydney). Great weather and great food and what was impressive to me was there are (free and clean) toilets literally everywhere (pregnant women's primary need)!

We stayed in a gorgeous serviced apartment so we get to make our own breakfast, we even had Kangaroo steak for dinner one night.

I will have to admit I started my preparation for Kiddie pretty early, as early as during first trimester for I knew I'd be travelling quite a bit during second trimester and experienced moms shared with me how stressful and tired last trimester was so I didn't want to go through that. I began making the list of what we need then and started to purchase during second trimester, there were some stuff we acquired when we were in Germany/Austria. Only purchased a couple of Uniqlo onesies, didn't invest in clothes at all for I plan to swaddle Kiddie and since Malaysia is of tropical climate, I don't have to worry about cold so Kiddie will be naked most of the time, or at least in his swaddle (and diapers).
It's gonna be another 2.5 months to go... so... til then!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Dipping My Toes in this Cold Water

So yeah there isn't a need to point out when was the last post. 
The year breezed by ever so quietly and quickly it is the end of the year. This year is different as we took a huge step in our relationship and commit to each other for the rest of our lives.
We also moved to a bigger house with a much bigger yard, the downside is that this place is full of mosquitoes and they are vicious, they aren't scared of dying. Gardening activities took a full swing that I have my very own vegetable and herb patches. Sadly, I'm now spending more time indoor because of the damn mosquitoes.
I also quit my job and work from home - supporting fiance's company and offer dog boarding service. I've taken care of miniature to large dogs. Some are really annoying while the rest are the sweetest dogs.

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Friday, January 06, 2017

Breathe. Have Courage and Be Kind

A random thought - I missed being in a library. The last time I was in one and actually borrowed a book was in Singapore - Paris Ris Public Library to be precise. And that was like, what, maybe at least 6 years ago?

Anyway, Happy 2017! 2016 went by so quickly that I only wrote an entry! Neil Gaiman, in my opinion - writes the best new year words, didn't write for 2017, instead he quoted Chris Bachalo in light of how Death took so much in 2016:
Walk the world. Help to feed the hungry, help comfort those in pain. Do what you can to leave the world a better place.

As for me, it is simple.

Breathe. Have courage and be kind. 

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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

It's Not Like We're Troopin' on the Old Sputnik

2015 ended and 2016 is ending too. Gosh, I've been really lousy updating on this site.
Here's some highlight of 2016.
- We ushered 2015 in a very low-key style - we were at our building rooftop enjoying the fireworks.
- Travelling reduced significantly this year with Odyssey around: we only did our annual summer trip to Europe, namely Austria and Greece. Yes we squeezed in Santorini. Did a local trip to Melaka with friends and a beach weekend with the dogs in the east coast.
- Coco is staying with us for quite some time now. Odyssey is quite a jealous dog.
- Both maternal and paternal grandma and great grandma passed on.
- A lot of trips to the dog park thus I developed a tan.

So yeah, that's all I can think of. See you later.

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Funny Friend

Having a large dog like Odyssey has been life-changing. She will be one next month. Everything is all about her. So is this post.
At my office pantry. Yes, I work at a pet-friendly office. 

Odyssey in one of her hydro-therapy session. She's not a big fan of swimming. She whined and always wanting to come out from the pool.

Odyssey at Cubs & Cups.

Odyssey, the most submissive dog ever, submitting to the resident Husky at Cubs & Cups.

Odyssey at no-leash dog park when she holds a membership. She's trying to retrieve the floating coconut miserably. That's the furthest she went.

This funny face sleeping.

 Posing with her spanking new backpack BF got her when he was in Los Angeles last month. BF bought so many things for her, I only got one lousy mug.

There are days she just likes the curtain over her head when she sleeps.

Her first time having her face blown by the wind during the car ride to the dog park.

Being a cute dog is a tiring business.

True outdoor dog - the longing to be out there is big.

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Aussie Health

Sydney was really awesome, we shopped like crazy - from vacuum cleaner to plant seeds.
One of the things we purchased when we were there was this: Kapaipuku blend. The boyfriend no longer needs coffee in the morning to boost his day whilst I'm more alert than usual. I don't get hungry quick too.
We bought 2kg of it but that just lasted us for about 2 weeks and it's not that cheap thus I did my own blend. I renamed it to Puku Puku (means Stomach Stomach in Maori)

 I got most of the ingredients from an organic store: I could not find rice bran and I bought the wrong amaranth.

Ratio is 1:1. For raisins, I used 3:4.

Looks almost the same!

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