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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Dip Dip

Dropping a couple of lines to let you guys know that I'm doing alright.

I've been focusing a lot on my plants. With that said, I've been blogging on the progress of my plants more often now. Meanwhile I bought a water lily, another plumeria and three coming my way from Kuantan next month. Gosh, I'm addicted to them.

The past weekends saw us going to home furnishing stores. Getting the right sofa is the hardest it seems. The BF has his own idea of the design. As for me, the colour is more of a priority. It is no easy task.  
This month saw me starting a new job too. I had enough of the nonsense stuff that's happening at the gallery and found a better (hopefully!) job. So far so good and I get to get off weekends.

Last weekend however was a dark time for the nation; MH370, ex-KL Beijing-bound MAS flight carrying 239 pax, inclusive the crew vanished just like that. For the past few days, I've been checking online every other hours for updates, hoping to find that the plane is found and everyone is alive. This one hits right at home for a lot of people, I'm glad to see how the general public rally up and pray for its safe return. News out there are nuts and I'm feeling I won't be able to catch up any longer and go mental. I find myself few times praying earnestly for their safe return.

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Monday, February 17, 2014

Sergeant Green Thumb Activated

The stretch of plant nurseries at Sungai Buloh was exciting. I was so happy I found all the plants I wanted at very reasonable prices, I'm gonna show them off right now!
 Hydrangea; not the color I fancy but look at all the new shoots! Very promising. This one is not fully acclimatized yet so I have to take caution. The chance of not flowering anymore is also present.

Acclimatized blue hydrangea. Also not the colour I wanted and it doesn't look as healthy as the other one but I've seen the parent and it looks ok. I was told they flower about 3-4 times a year. Awesomeness.

 My very own fiddle leaf fig! Hell yeah. I had two of this at my old Coach store and they were so easy to take care. I chose a 3-feet one thinking anything than that will be too big but I am wrong, it is kinda too small. A 5-footer is ideal. The bigger the better.

Ta-da! My 2-footer deep red plumeria, locally known as frangipani. Many of the houses at my neighbourhood have them and they are so gorgeous, too bad I don't have a yard. This will do for now.

Will definitely get more after moving to the new apartment. I still need some smaller plants (which plants I know not yet) for the kitchen and one for perhaps the guestroom and BF's office but I don't remember how well the rooms are naturally-lit so that will have to wait. Just so you know, having plants indoor is a good thing. There are certain plants that act as air purifier at the same time.
To encourage myself with this hobby and to keep things in track, I've made a new blog to chronicle my experience in gardening. Oh, I unconsciously made gardening my thing for 2014. Good for me! I hope you guys have/found something new to do this year too!

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

The New Abode

We are moving to a bigger apartment soon after living in a 2-bedroom  apartment for 2 years. I do like the current place for its strategic location, but I love most about it is its a relatively small building, thus it's quiet and private. The postcode plays a fair part too. The place has it downside too which I won't dwell on it so let's move on.
Finally, the BF will have the proper office for his own and since the new place is not fully-furnished, we have the opportunity to decorate it how we want it to be. Are we excited? I don't know about him but heck sure I am!
First thing first, I would want our living room to be bright and clean. Like so. The base colour would be white and off-white. A natural wood coffee would be great and I leave colour accents to accessories that I can always change; pillows, pots, the small knick knacks. Another thing that is a must would be plants. I'm aiming for a fiddle leaf tree to give the room a complete look. Potted frangipani and hydrangea (I have not given up!) are in the list too. 

Dining room and kitchen are pretty much done. I just need a centrepiece for the table while a couple of succulents in the kitchen.
We have a huge master bedroom. I'm moving the existing (ugly) blue couch to the bedroom and have some plants too.
We have a small entryway and it is always ideal to have at least a console there so I can have a clean dining table.
Oh I'm excited!

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Monday, February 03, 2014

Phuket in 2014

Phuket was fabulous. The BF did it in style this time, we stayed in 3 different luxurious resorts and got upgraded to suite in 2 occasions. Our predicament of falling off the motorbike (yes, our mode of transportion was a scooter. Was nice at first, after a while, my butt start to hurt and my Fendi shades flew off my face while on the way to Khao Lak) at the entrance of The Sarojin and me spraining my ankle at JW Marriott Khao Lak when we went for dinner could not beat how amazing this trip was.
This trip, we explored two specific areas; north of Phuket and Khao Lak. We were hoping to do some snorkeling at Similan but turned out we had too short of a time. We snorkeled at Banana Beach instead and it wasn't disappointing at all. Me being a non-swimmer and a huge chicken in the water, I managed to master it and enjoyed it very much. I would do it again.
The first resort we stayed was JW Marriott Phuket. The resort had myriad of activities, we went for hatha yoga class and then cooled off at the beach. I had tummyache from the lunch though.
 JW Marriott Phuket's Mai Kao Beach. Water clear as crystal. 

 Marriott's ocean front suite proved to be an amazing room; hot tub at the balcony and another in the bathroom.

Angry-looking turtle, it's a mosquito coil container.

We traveled upnorth the next day. Before starting the journey, we went to Banana Beach for a snorkelling crash course, BF was concerned as I have never done it before. Scared like shit at first but after a while, I mastered it and enjoyed it very much. 

It took us about one and a half hour to reach our next destination. The second resort we went was The Sarojin, we got upgraded to the Palaphan Suite.
Entrance to the Palaphan Suite.

It felt like home, the moment you walk in.

My kind of bathroom, too bad the rainshower didn't feel like a rainshower. 

The swimming pool was gorgeous. And breakfast was all-day and you can go eat as many times as you can. Too bad we only stayed there for a night. I like the fact that they don't allow guests below 10 years of age to stay there.

Sunset at Khao Lak Beach. Gorgeous.

Entrance of another paradise at Sentido Graceland. We were upgraded to garden pool villa.

It was an open concept, our bed faces the private pool, we had a hot tub at the other side of the villa. The rainshower was great.

Elephant ride. Bumpy and nice at first, Got bored after 10 minutes. We trekked through a rubber tree plantation and ended up at a small waterfall.

It looked like autumn at some part of the elephant trek.

Baby elephant at another elephant camp. The BF made sure I meet one when I said I would like to see one.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wishing You Another Great Lunar New Year

Ok guys, will be sun-slapped for the next few days in Phuket.
See you laters!

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh Ms Penny

My Penny the Hydrangea... Oh what have I done.
Penny was really thriving, so many babies sprouting at the base but just a few days ago, I noticed the new leaves were getting shriveled up and when I took a closer look, I spotted some tiny creepy brown crawlies. Panicked, I went to buy some pesticide.
The crawlies died but being a novice, I overdid with the pesticide and poisoned Penny.
Oh. My. God. All her leaves dropped, her tip was dry. I really want to cry.
Just to let you know, the daisy and the rose didn't survive. KL weather was just too hot. But Penny... Penny was a fighter and she still is. I can see her stems are still green. I've repotted her, thinking her soil must be soaked with poison. Hopefully I'm right.
I'm so upset with myself I did that to her. I'm very attached to her; her green hue, color of life, means so much to me. The propagation didn' work by the way.
Oh please Goddess of Mercy, please save her. I don't want her to die.

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

I wish you a very happy new year and may 2014 be another glorious year.
Neil Gaiman didn't write a new year wish for this year, it disappointed me a bit but from I see on the internet, his 2011 wish was recycled:

“I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.
Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You’re doing things you’ve never done before, and more importantly, you’re Doing Something.
So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before. Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good enough, or it isn’t perfect, whatever it is: art, or love, or work or family or life.
Whatever it is you’re scared of doing, Do it. Make your mistakes, next year and forever.”

So anyway, what did you guys do to usher 2014?
We did the typical this year, we had a sumptuous dinner at Maison Francaise and proceed to join the new year celebration and enjoy the fireworks with the staff. The host, who coincidentally, a Korean, was generous to provide us free flow of Taittinger. The chef entertained us with his experiences working all around the world and how he and his wife (also a Korean) ended up in Kuala Lumpur. His son, Luca, has the best of both French and Korean worlds, is as cute and cherubic as an angel. We had SO MUCH FUN.

The lounge has a nice view of KLCC but was kind of blocked by a building. We enjoyed the fireworks nonetheless.

 We spent the next couple days exploring Cameron Highlands. Cold as heck.

 Very much tempted to purchase these for dad, who's an orchid enthusiast but doubt he has time for them as he is back to the workforce.

Instead of bombarding you with photos of flowers I took, I will show off my purchases; some kind of daisy in orange, succulent, mini roses and HYDRANGEA!

I even managed to harvest a head of hydrangea from the my pot. It is advisable to cut all the flowers before repotting but I left the young one out, it's to wasteful. 

The BF bought a selection of cacti and did his cute mini garden in a bowl. He also bought a monkey trap plant, which is now hung at the balcony temporarily.

I've been wanting to have hydrangeas but they are pretty expensive for cut flowers and they don't last long. Can you imagine how thrilled I was to have found they thrive in Cameron Highlands and they also sell the plants! I quickly snapped up a pot to try out. I was very tempted to get the deep purple one but held back for I'm not exactly known to have a green thumb.
Well, the first week with the plants was not without drama. They almost died at one point that I 'transferred ownership' to the BF (he boasted to have grown his own tomatoes before). Turns out I didn't water them enough and perhaps KL sun proved to be too much for them to handle. The plants are now moved to the living room and further away from the window. 

My mini rose bush looks a bit pathetic after I pruned the dried leaves but it looks like it's going to survive.

My hydrangea looks like it's gonna thrive and kick ass after a mini scare, I feel so proud of her I named it Penny. Notice the burnt leaves. We put Penny too close to the window and got burned.

My aforementioned cut hydrangea wasn't spared and shrunk to this size. Despite that, it's super hardy and you will notice there are new leaves growing underneath. I'm thinking if I can propagate this. Feel so bad of throwing it away seeing the stem is so green and alive. The colour of the mature flower is just so beautiful. I learnt that the colour of the flowers are manipulated by the soil's pH level. If it's more than 6, the flowers will turn blue. If it's less than 6, it's pink. I can't wait to have my own hydrangea garden like so!

Propagation using the stem of the cut. I might risk of having it not going to flower when it matures as according to the internet, always propagate using non-flowering stem. I just couldn't bare to threw it away. It looked so alive.

My orange daisy is still deciding whether to live or die on me. I hope it will choose the former.

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