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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Tourguide. Well, Kinda.

The BF's best friend and girlfriend were here last weekend so both of us played tourguide. Funnily Bangsar Village was in their must-visit list thus it has become the butt of the joke throughout the whole trip. We discovered a little gem of a eating place; Old China Cafe.
The trip was short and sweet and we definitely foresee more trips ahead!

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Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Devil Was Once an Angel + We Did Down Under

After a series of unfortunate events, I've decided to lock my old posts and start anew.
So... here we are!
Things have started to take a positive direction and I truthfully hope it will remain that way. This year is pretty tough on certain aspects in my life and in some ways, I was abundantly blessed.
My career took a new path, I know not if it's gonna pan out in the long run, I hope I gain something out of it.
Anyway, we took a spontaneous trip to Sydney last month. The city was beautiful,  the trip was great despite the winter.
We even participated City2Surf. Although it was my worst time (more than 2 hours, my knee went crazy after first few kms), we still qualified as finishers. The route was good, we had one of the best views of Sydney from Bondi Beach.

The first meal we had in Sydney, Nick's. Yums.

Need I say anything?

The BF cconquered Harbour Bridge whilst I succumbed to acrophobia and used the complimentary ticket at Pylon Lookout. It was overcast and the wind was exceptionally strong that day I had difficulty walking there, was almost literally blown away by the wind.

Easily one of my favourite buildings, QVB.

God added extra spoonfuls of cuteness when creating this.

The giraffes have the best view in the house at Taronga Zoo.

Fluffiest lion I've ever seen, this one is.

Chillin' wallaby.

Whale watching. A cheeky dolphin escorted our boat half-way.

Three Sisters and Jamison Valley, Blue Mountains.

Kangaroo steak at Mountain Ridges. I'm a huge meat lover but kangaroo meat doesn't appeal to me.

Bushwalking. Oh it was cold.

City2Surf. Smurfs came out and played with us. Sydneysiders were amazing and very supportive. Throughout the run, they brought their speakers out blasting music and cheered us on. It was the best run I've ever had.

Bondi Beach hey!

Reaching the finishing line. Spot me!

Getting ready for an epic battle at Hurricane's Grill, Bondi. A must-try!

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