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Monday, November 25, 2013

Should I, Should I Not?

Christmas present for myself, perhaps?
I'm really nuts about these Prabal Gurung heels. How gorgeous they are, right!?
Conclusion: Yes, buy? 
Two weekends ago we had a mini breakaway at Pangkor Island and took the opportunity to visit my parents. It was a pleasant trip at the beach. The beach was great; the day was overcast, the sand was soft and the water was crystal clear and warm. The BF enjoyed mini crab-watching. We had great food. Aldo loves the BF. Coco ignored the BF, characteristically. All is good.

Aldo was satisfied with some foot-patting.

The hornbills.

I know I need a tan.

View from our room.

One of these monkeys stole our potato chips.

The bird we saved from a crab.

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Saturday, November 02, 2013

Dilemma Mama

Leaving luxury retail industry did some wonders to me. No longer being surrounded by brands and labels along with my man's affinity for simple living, I'm steered towards being thrifty. It has become so much easier to break free from the system of being dependent on brands and labels to define who you are.
However of late, I've been quite addicted to following a couple of stylish girls on Instagram and boy oh boy, the jellyness of me grew. The girls decked in fabulous clothes (with hefty price tags on) and live the life of every girl's dreams. The girls are pretty and young, and pretty successful in their own right (why do some girls have it all, goddamit!?). 
I should stop stalking them. They make me feel very lousy about myself for not having the capacity to do so.
Don't get me wrong. I'm pro superior brand=superior quality. I appreciate Egyptian cotton for my bedsheets. Such things feel and look so much better and no doubt will last longer. I just don't like to spend it for the wrong reasons. It's always good to stop living to impress others. Ahem.
Simple living appeals to me in many ways. The idea of self-sustenance is right up my alley, I like the idea of having my own vegetable/herbs garden and perhaps, a pond full of fish. I like the idea of not chasing money like crazy. 
That life is very ideal and to achieve isn't easy as I'm so tied up with the social norm. My man has his own vices in spite of. Our home is full of clutter. He likes fancy watches and fancy cars and fancy tech stuff (which boys don't?) but he has greater control of the temptation unlike me. I know how I am, I'm easily swayed. And I should start small and slow. Here's a few points I'm sticking myself up to:
1. Stop the habit of rewarding myself after each successful task/job/whatever that is. 
2. Every cent matter. 
3. Ask myself earnestly if I REALLY WANT it or NEED it. (The answer is usually 'WANT')
I hope I'll reach where I want to head.

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