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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A New Place to Call Home

We have finally settled down at our new place. 95% done, oh yeah. And yes, we also have internet connection. Missing are the entryway table, BF's bar cabinet and a few plants. The balcony is my new favourite spot; it's quite shaded with a 2-3pm sun and it's breezy. It's pretty quiet, you can hear birds chirping and there's a lot of green with a great view of sunset.

 My working space aka balcony. I do my 'work' work, internet surfing and planting stuff here. Will be building my potting table/garden cabinet here too.

Found this little treasure of a buddha at the storeroom of a shop at Oriental Treasure at Viva Mall. Yes the storekeeper let me into the storeroom. So much treasure, Rae so little money.

The BF bought this new toy with me in his thoughts. He knows I love music and would want me relax at the balcony with good music.

This weekend is a long one and we will be off to explore a new place. Stay tuned!

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Eagle Has Landed

The moving house business this time around is no joke. We finally cleared all the boxes after three weeks moving in. The past weekends saw us going out buying furnitures and other house stuff.
Not just that, we still don't have any internet access it's sad.
So til then. 

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